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Anders Hesselbom

Programmerare, skeptiker, sekulärhumanist, antirasist.
Författare till bok om C64 och senbliven lantis.
Röstar pirat.

Mark 7 on the divinity of Jesus


Mark 7 is a collection of anecdotes from the life of Jesus which aims to show that Jesus is divine. Jesus offers wise maxims mixed with miracles. This time Jesus chose to take his patient to the side when he performed his miracle. Jesus interest was to unselfishly give a man his hearing back. One can always speculate about the method. God himself probably could have brought the light into existence by mere thought, but he spoke light into existence. He could probably have brought light into existence through ritual dance, but he simply chose to speak light into existence. I see no reason to think Jesus had to have his fingers in the deaf man’s ears, but that this was the method he chose. But why did he choose it? Avoiding spitting and avoiding fingers in their ears gives a hygienic advantage. For what I can see, it would be better if Jesus for example put his hand on the deaf man’s forehead. Also, the method Jesus chose, could be mistaken for a method that would be chosen by contemporary charlatans. We don’t know what Jesus would have done today, but this story is probably in itself a haughty throat clearing, aimed at emphasizing an even more extravagant assertion: that Jesus is God. But we do not believe that Jesus is God because we have any reasonable grounds to believe so, we believe it because our parents believe so. And their parents in turn.

Kategorier: Pseudovetenskap, Religion

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